Here are some things to consider when choosing your wedding shoes: 

  • Venue: Is the ceremony and reception going to be held in an area where high heels are a practical choice? Grass and sand destinations aren't ideal for heels, as they can cause instability and discomfort. Heels are best suited for locations with flatter surfaces and stable grounds. 


  • Dress Length: Your dress plays a significant role in determining your footwear. Longer dresses with trains or veils can benefit from a height boost provided by heels. However, it's crucial to ensure that your shoe choice complements the extra material and doesn't trip you up. Dresses with less fabric, on the other hand, work better with heels, as there's less uncertainty about where you're stepping. 

  • Comfort: Looking good is a top priority, but feeling good is equally important. Your wedding day is a special occasion that will be cherished forever, and you want to feel comfortable and confident. Choose a shoe that feels comfortable and compliments your dress, rather than one that causes discomfort and distracts from your big day.

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