Don’t want to feel restricted under a large dress? A sheath silhouette could be your ideal option—comfortably fitted at the waist, before dropping straight to the floor. This style gives you the freedom to move, a perfect choice for effortlessly dancing the night away.

Sheath silhouettes usually feature some elements of bohemian-style lace, which is ideal for incorporating into your veil. It doesn’t need to be an exact match but look closely at the lace details and try to find a similar style in your veil  —the most important part is making sure the materials match in shade.

A higher neckline can look gorgeous with your hair down, styled out of the face, while a lower neckline will suit an up-do nicely to highlight your collarbones. When it comes to jewellery, pearls are a timeless classic, especially if your dress features lacework. Pearl earrings are an elegant accessory, and if you have some in the family, they could be your “something old”.

Sheath Silhouette Wedding Dress

Princess Gowns

A very classic silhouette that can make any woman feel like a princess! A princess wedding dress is full-skirted and moves around with you, flowing beautifully as you walk down the aisle.

Princess silhouettes are best suited to an up-do such as a beautiful bun—allowing the focus to be on your dress. An up-do hairstyle will also give some shine to the minimal accessories like a pair of glamorous earrings, a bracelet, and of course, your ring! If you’re looking to live your fairy-tale and be a-real-life Cinderella, or a modern Diana, this is the style for you.

Princess Silhouette Wedding Dress


This is a beautiful and diverse style of dress—something to suit any bride. These dresses fit tightly around the body, before flaring out from below the hips. These dresses can feature elements of lace, sheer materials, a chic leg split, or a memorable train, making this an incredibly versatile silhouette.

Mermaid wedding dresses (also known as Trumpet shape) are a popular style of ‘Fit-N-Flare’ silhouette, due to the timeless hourglass silhouette they create. The gown’s bodice hugs the body tightly, before flaring out at the bottom.

The fit of the gown accentuates your natural features, with the flaring mermaid “tail” below the knees bringing some elegant flow and movement to the look.

This is another look that is best suited to a minimal, elegant up-do. Many mermaid gowns feature a low neckline—leading many to go straight for a necklace—but the décolletage is a nice feature to show off. A pair of beautiful earrings dangling from your ears is all it really needs.

Fit-N-Flare Silhouette Wedding Dress


A-line silhouettes get the name from the triangular ‘A’ shape created by the dress outline, originally coined by Christian Dior for the 1955 A-line Spring Summer Collection. This silhouette encapsulates some of the greatest elements from the other designs, creating a beautifully shaped, comfortable gown.

A-line gowns have a fitted bodice and waistline that enhance your natural shape, while the flaring skirt creates that classic bridal silhouette. Another wedding dress that suits a variety of hairstyles, and as always, it’s important not to over-accessorise. A-line silhouettes generally feature some intricate detail—whether it’s in the lace, bodice, or skirt—so there’s no need to distract from it. A simple bracelet, tiara, and elegant earrings are all you need to create a cohesive look.

As Dior’s original collection suggests, this is a beautiful gown for summer and spring weddings, especially outdoors!

A-Line Silhouette Wedding Dress

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Wedding Dress Silhouettes

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